free STuff

Whats the catch?

Yippy, you found the free stuff page. The spot where we announce all our contests, give-aways and gauntlet runs. Oh... and there will be guantlet runs... Well not really.

So what do you have to do to get free stuff? Watch this page and our social medias. We like to give stuff away. If you want some free stuff right now pick up a screensaver or game spray.

Have you seen the BEARSHARK?

Wait..What? That's right. We said it, BEARSHARK. But what does it mean?

wallpaper coming soon

Download a wallpaper and be liven up, veg up or dead up your computer.

L4D2 Sprays

Like to protect your friends from undead hordes? We do to. Get your Left 4 Dead Sprays here. And watch for us in game. Download the .tga files by clicking on the image.


other stuff